Dino Voodoo




Born in 1975. Lives and works in Rennes (France).




Dino is a freelance illustrator, graphic designer and muralist.


He studied graphic design in Nantes.




In 1990 he discovered graffiti by skate culture. Dino is recognized in the graffiti scene by murals and exhibitions such as the Montana gallery Montpellier and in more places underground.




His work is influenced by the avant-garde movements such as Constructivism, Bauhaus, Dada and Cubism and the art of skateboarding and science fiction movies of the 80s.




For any project he developed his ideas in the sketchbook.


His style is recognizable by its black and white illustrations using a clear line rigorously hand-drawn colorized by flat areas of contrasting colors, combining abstraction and figuration with geometric shapes made of square, circle and triangle.






In 2016, he was invited to China by Julien Malland (Seth) to participate in Back to school china project to paint a mural in a school.